Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Day of the Jackal

Each spring we have a family of foxes - a mother and three of four kits/pups - living around our back yard. This year has been no exception, as we have seen the momma and the four pups. A picture from a couple of years ago is shown below. Trust me, this year they look pretty much the same.

Tonight as I was mowing the lawn I saw a leftover from one of their recent meals. I moved it on to a wooden platform, and took the picture below. Not sure exactly what it is/was, maybe the leg of a rabbit? I snarled off a big bite and it tasted just like chicken.

I'm heading out to Cape Breton tomorrow, running leg 14 of the Cabot Trail Relay with the Fredericton Trail Masters. The description from the website follows below:

This long leg begins near dawn and is a 7.9 km level coastal run to Margaree Harbour. The leg heads inland & starts to rise gradually to a maximum elevation of 10m to finish at the Tourist Bureau on the left across from Margaree Lodge.

The leg begins at 3:37 AM, and is just under 20 kilometeres/12.5 miles, meaning I'll be finishing at the crack of dawn. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll try to take a picture or two and post them.

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  1. (a) That's disgusting

    (b) Hope you have good weather for your leg of the run... and it's not too cold!