Friday, July 10, 2009

Off to PEI

We're heading to PEI tomorrow, for our annual week of vacation on the island. While there, I'll get in a little golf, we'll be spending time on the beach, and playing with Cam at Sandspit and Shining Waters. Also, I hope to cover the route for the PEI marathon over a few runs. Speaking of the Prince Edward Island marathon, Steve Runner of the Phedippidations podcast has been talking about running this marathon in the fall also, although lately he has been hurt and a bit bummed about his running

I'm continuing to stick with the Pfitzinger plan, although I may have hit a slight bump in the road last night. About 9.2 miles into my ten mile run, I felt a twinge in my left hamstring, causing me to finish the run with a bit of limp. Luckily, today was my planned rest day. Tomorrow morning, I'll see how it feels, and then decide if I should do some biking rather than my four mile recovery run.

While we are in PEI, registration for the Houston Marathon opens. I plan to register for the marathon, to be run 13 weeks after the PEI marathon. Is that nuts? Faith Ann plans to register for the half.

Since registering for the PEI marathon, my goal has been to complete it in less than four hours. There are several resources that predict a marathon finishing time based on completed race times for other distances. With my 1:49:15 finishing time in the recent Miramichi half marathon, here are some predicted times for a marathon finish:

McMillan: 3:50:25 3:48:48
Running Times: 3:52:11
Runner's World (UK): 3:47:46 3:46:27 (based on Jack Daniels formula)
Hal Higdon: 4:16:56 (5 times 10k time)
Jeff Galloway: 3:53:46

I realize these predictions don't mean I'll be able to finish in under four hours, given the number of variables that could impact the final result. However, it does provide me with increased confidence that I'll be able to meet my goal.

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  1. Enjoy PEI and the marathon course. You have a good plan and should do just fine. The main message for 1st timers is to just plan on finishing and don't worry about the time (too much). You'll have lots of chance to improve on the next ones.