Friday, August 7, 2009

Man Bites Dog

A July 26th news article about French president Nicolas Sarkozy falling ill while "jogging" seems to foreshadow what will happen to me this Sunday when I try to run 20 miles with Mike and Andrew. I've selectively replaced just a few words in the article, and have included the revised version below. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see this exact story appear in next edition of the Quoddy Tides.

Trevor falls ill while jogging

Fredericton plodder Trevor has been taken to hospital after becoming ill while jogging.

Mr Trevor's chief of staff said the plodder was "doing well" and talking normally with medics at the hospital, AFP news agency reported.

The plodder is remaining there overnight for what officials said were "routine" tests.

He was flown to the hospital earlier after suffering what was described as a "minor" nerve complaint.

Mr Trevor was taken ill while jogging during a humid morning at a weekend retreat at Perry, outside of Pembroke.

The incident occurred after 45 minutes of "intensive physical exercise", his office said in a statement.

It denied earlier statements that he had lost consciousness. Mr Trevor lay down and received immediate treatment from a personal doctor.

He was flown to the Machias hospital by helicopter, where he was later joined by his wife, Faith Ann.

A spokesman said he had also summoned aides to his bedside to keep him up to date with world events.

AFP said Mr Trevor had suffered a problem relating to his vagal nerve.

It said a condition known as vasovagal syncope could involve a brief loss of consciousness, and changes in the heart rate or blood pressure, especially if the person is dehydrated.

The vagal nerve is a major nerve that runs from the abdomen to the brain and controls many functions.


  1. Have no fear, the air ambulance will be on standby and we'll put out a notice for all dog owners to let their dogs run loose this weekend! Actually, I'm a bit worried about keeping up with you after my non-race and a not so good outing last weekend. Hope you can stand the little breaks along the way!

  2. Canadian Running Gang Jumps Sole American Runner

    Dateline: Perry

    In a rare instance of being outnumbered by Canadians during the running of the Blind Moose at Boyden Sunday morning the lone American found himself the victim of latent Northern violence.

    The altercation happened during a disagreement about the perceived value of ball hockey or any type of hockey for that matter. The argument turned violent when the American accidentally disparaged Tim Horton's and Canadian tempers flared.

    It is reported the American yelled "But I'm not a triathlete!" as the raging Canadians tossed him into the lake.

    Updates to follow...