Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's Going To Be a "Pfun" Summer

It was very exciting today, finally receiving in the mail my copy of Pete Pfitzinger's book "Advanced Marathoning", second edition. I'll be so much faster than those elite runners who only have the first edition!

I plan to follow the 18-week plan, starting next week. There are variations on the plan, targetting people who want to train up to 55 miles per week, 55 to 70 miles per week, 70 to 85 miles per week, or more than 85 miles per week. There's even a section (based on the life and times of Andrew Seeley, I think) for people who want to run over 105 miles per week. Of course I'm going for the "up to 55" plan; that's enough of a challenge for me for the first marathon.

I'm going to try to stick as close as I can to the plan, but I may switch up the Tuesday/Wednesday suggested schedules so I can keep playing ball hockey on Tuesday nights. We're also planning on vacationing for a week in PEI in July, and in Toronto for a week in August. I'll do my best to stay on schedule during those times also.

I see the plan calls for a few 8k-15k races in the weeks leading to the marathon. I had always planned on running the 10k Fall Classic in Fredericton on September 20th, but I think I'll now also run the 10k Dam Run in Perth-Andover on October 3rd. So ... I think the remaining race schedule for 2009 works out as follows:

June 21st - St. Andrews Father's Day Road Race - 5 miler (Mike's race)
July 5th - Miramichi Rock n Run (half marathon)
Sept 20th - Fall Classic 10k in Fredericton
Oct. 3rd - 10k Dam Run in Perth-Andover
Oct. 18th - PEI Marathon

I had previously thought of running the half in Saint John in the Marathon by the Sea , but I think I'll pass running in that. However, I may volunteer in it.

A picture from week two of my soccer coaching experience is below. This week was much better - I think the kids had lots of fun!


  1. I'd actually recommend doing the 1/2 in SJ as a good chance to practice marathon pace and such. Also be sure to run parts of the PEI course as part of your vacation, especially the last 10k or so. Look forward to seeing you at our race.

  2. Yes, run the last 10k so you can feel the awful hills at the end. And running lots of miles does wonders for your speed if it doesn't kill you.

  3. Thanks guys. As the training progresses this summer, I may pick the brains of good, experienced runners like you for some advice. I do plan on covering the marathon course while in PEI this summer. I have reviewed the course online, based on the runs Mike uploaded to the internet last year.